Our Products & Services


We offer an extensive range of flexible packaging products, and use only the best quality raw materials in the manufacturing process. All our products are available in monolayer or co-extruded (three multi-layer) forms, and can be branded using our high-tech flexography printing. Our investment in cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure allows us to offer an unparalleled delivery turnaround time. We have sufficient storage facilities for further regulation of stock, as well as buffer stock for customers.

Shrink Films


Our high-tech extrusion and co-extrusion processes allow us to produce high-quality shrink films that are:

  •  Cost effective

we can down gauge film, reducing its thickness without loss of strength or performance, and reducing the cost per metre

  • Optimised

for use on high-speed wrapping machines

  • Stable

the excellent shrink characteristics ensure a tight pack, and provide stability during transportation

  • Printable

our films are geometrically uniform, allowing them to be printed upon or tinted in any colour

  • Recyclable

our films can be recycled

  • Customisable

our films can be produced to customer specifications



We use state-of-the-art high-tech extrusion processes to produce high-quality plastic films. Films can be supplied in plain or printed format, and can also be manufactured into a wide variety of bags and rolls. Our range of plastic films include:

Polypropylene films

  • Clear cast polypropylene
  • Clear BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)
  • Brown polypropylene

Polyethylene films

  • Low-density polyethylene
  • High-density polyethylene as a three multi-layer co-extrusion blend
  • Linear low-density polyethylene



A shroud is created when a layer of high-quality, heat-sensitive shrink film is placed over a product and heated. It shrinks and takes the shape of the product, sealing it. This process seals and protects products from damage, and contributes to efficient product transportation.


Our high-quality shrouds are:

  • Cost-effective

our technology allows a higher yield and saves on the cost per meter

  • Durable

our films are puncture- and tear propagation-resistant and offer excellent sealing properties, reducing the likelihood of damage during transportation and storage

  • Clear

our excellent film clarity improves visual presentation of the product and enables easier barcode reading

  • Efficient

micron uniformity reduces sealing time, allowing for faster packaging and higher production output, as well as increased load stabilisation during transport

  • Flexible and customisable

our films can be produced with different slip characteristics across various applications. For example, a film could have high-slip properties on the inner layer with non-slip on the outer layer

Narrow and wide sheeting


We have the capacity to produce a variety of sheeting, ranging right up to 3-metres wide, and from 20-micron to 300-micron thick. Our high-tech extrusion capabilities allow us to provide:

  • Continuous reels of sheeting
  • Separated sheets, cut to size
  • Sheets, perforated on a roll

Form fill and seal films


A shroud is created when a layer of high-quality, heat-sensitive shrink film is placed over a product and heated. It shrinks and takes the shape of the product, sealing it. This process seals and protects products from damage, and contributes to efficient product transportation.

  • Cost effective

a variety of additives can be applied to increase strength, thereby reducing the thickness (down-gauging) and cost, and increasing yield

Available in a wide variety of colours

Able to be printed on, using our state-of- the-art flexographic printing in up to three colours

  • Micro-perforated

if required, our film can be micro-perforated

  • High-quality gloss

resulting in enhanced print quality


Industrial and wholesale plastic bags


Our high-speed slitting and bagging equipment allows us to produce a wide variety of heavy-duty and wholesale bags to meet customer demands more efficiently. We have the capacity to produce standard pillow and gusseted bags, side-seal bags with handle, star- or round-hole punches, and wicketed bread and chicken bags. In addition, we’re able to produce drum liners, top covers, single sheets and tubes, brick covers, barrier bags, mattress bags, fertiliser bags or any other custom bags required. Our bags are:

  •  Cost effective

our bags are up to 30% cheaper than the paper sacks used at many companies

our strength-enhancing additives reduce the thickness of the bags (down-gauging) without a loss of durability, increasing yield and lowering the cost per meter

  •  Durable

our investment in superior technology enables us to produce bags which provide exceptional strength, water resistance and reduced tear and breakage

  • Printable

our quality materials have excellent printability, enhancing the visual appearance of the item

Centrefold sheeting


Our advanced equipment enables us to produce a wide range of centrefold sheeting, which is sheeting that is neatly folded in half and wound up on a roll. Centrefold sheeting is clear, and can be shrink-wrapped at low temperatures using a hand sealer or automated equipment. It is often used in the gift packaging industry, wrapping items such as gift baskets, candy boxes, individual tins and trays, candies, cookies and other unusual-shaped items.

Wicketed bags


Wicketed bags are provided on a ‘wicket’ stand, which allows them to be filled easily. Our wicketed bags can be produced in variety of shapes and colours, and are an economical and efficient method of filling bags automatically at bakeries and chicken packhouses. This is an automated process, eliminating contact with food before it is packaged, and thus improving hygiene standards.




Our highly advanced extrusion equipment allows us to produce a variety of tubing products, which can be utilised across a variety of industrial covering applications, such as furniture, bedding, transport and container liners.

‘I love the look of spilled egg shells, split tea bags and spoilt chicken on my lovely clean floor,’ said no-one ever!


And that’s why we’ve created HERO black bags. At FPC, we lean in and listen to our customers, and we know you want a refuse bag that just refuses to break. Using leading technology, we’ve built a bag that’s strong, sturdy and reliable – and it won’t let you down. Added to this, our heroic bags are manufactured from all our off-cuts and scraps. So, we’ve brought you a bag that not only saves the day, but the environment too.  And that’s just how we do things at FPC – we use cutting-edge tech to deliver superior products that meet your needs and are kind to the planet.