Our investment in enhanced extrusion technology and equipment enables us to produce mono-layered and multi-layered films of the highest quality, durability and strength. This, in combination with our expertise and experience, drives the innovation and customisation of all our products. We are able to:


  • Produce monolayered films
  • Produce multi-layered co-extruded films
  • Strengthen our films with additives to allow for down-gauging (producing thinner films without a consequent loss of strength), thus reducing the cost per meter for our clients
  • Produce fully customisable films
  • Handle high-volume requirements
  • Meet timeframe and delivery requirements without fail
  • Produce products to the highest possible standards
  • Provide cost-effective solutions without any decline in quality


Innovative products are at the heart of FPC’s operations, and our investment in cutting-edge bag-making equipment allows us to deliver an expansive range of solutions to our clients. Our high-tech bagging equipment allows us to offer bagging solutions that are:


  • Cost-effective
  • Tailor made to customer specification
  • Available in a variety of sizes and specifications


Our high-speed reel-slitting equipment allows us to slit up to 500 meters per minute. All rolls are tailored to customers’ specifications, such as the width and number of meters per roll. We are able to:


  • Reduce labour costs, and therefore reduce the overall cost to client
  • Meet high-volume requirements with ease


Flexographic printing is the packaging industry standard, and allows for high-speed, high-quality picture graphics to be applied to any packaging or film. Our high-tech 10-colour flexographic printing is:


  • Cost-effective, as it is a highly time-efficient process in terms of make-ready and clean-up, and this saving is then passed on to our customers
  • Visually impressive, and will ensure your packaging stands out from the crowd with the visual impact necessary for any on-the-shelf products
  • Efficient – flexographic inks are fast-drying, and printing itself is high-speed
  • High-quality – our technology ensures that our products have optimised printing surfaces, ensuring high fidelity and clarity
  • Our obsessive attention to detail and rigorous monitoring of all print jobs are an essential differentiator that sets us apart in the industry

Sales and marketing personnel rely upon research and development to develop and recommend customer specific packaging materials. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are committed to producing the best quality products at a fair price. We want to be the first choice for all your flexible packaging needs. FPC can provide technicians to visit your facility, study your requirements and offer tailor made solutions to keep you up and running.